Crash in zereth mortis

Hi, i’m a new player and i just got into zereth mortis. For some reason, my whole pc crash after like 20 seconds in this zone and if i put everything in low graphics, it crashes after 3 minutes. But its weird i have 144 fps the whole time. It begins when my mouse is not responding and 5 secs later, my whole pc crashes.


My config is:

Ryzen 7 2700x

Nvidia rtx 2060

16gb 3600mhz

Samsung 970evo 1tb


Do you guys know what could cause that?


(sorry for my english)

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3 thoughts on “Crash in zereth mortis”

  1. Not allot to go off but it sounds like a memory leak. I had one and ended up just reinstalling windows wow and all my add-ons to get if fixed. Probably overkill but I got tired of it messing with it.

  2. Is there an error code when the game crashes? Make sure you update all of your drivers, video card, bios, chipset, etc. Does it crash in other places?

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