45 thoughts on “Current State of Solo No Builds”

  1. Long_Count8894

    Tbf this feels like vintage fortnite haha. Even the days when you’d have to creep around every looted house checking for traps was a thing. The amount of times you would walk into a death room where a (now eliminated player) had slammed they’re entire inventory of traps before dying and leaving you to suffer for it later on. Thems was the days

  2. Freedom-35-Boys

    Why is everyone automatically assuming this is a rage post? I tagged it humor, as it’s funny…

  3. Remember to have your exterminator called every few months in order to check for ceiling defaults.

  4. bernarddwyer86

    This is what I love about zero build,

    You have to be totally aware of your surroundings and you can use hiding spots to your advantage.

    I blitzed 4 or 5 people last night hiding in the 1 building with a drum shotgun, 6th guy then got me from the roof as I was escaping the storm.

  5. I got killed by a crouch walker the other day; spectated him, he crouch walked into a room…and encountered another crouch walker, was then 3rd partied…by a crouch walker.

  6. JFC that’s sweat. To be fair that circle is pretty harsh on 0build. Just a bunch of mountains & Shifty. Still, that’s an impressive tier of camping.

  7. EyeScreamSunday

    That Fable free Battle Pass backbling used to be the sweaty free-to-play default backbling of choice. Crazy to see someone so committed to free-to-play after all this time when they could have totally saved up enough free V-bucks to buy a Battle Pass and keep buying them with the V-bucks you unlock.

  8. I’m not completely convinced that being able to build would have saved you in this situation.

  9. My first thought was get up in those rafters if you wanna heal

    God tier strat for me endgame get jetpack and hide in the trees

  10. This is sort of what you should expect to deal with. Much rattier players who were bullied off build modes

  11. Top-Appointment-7926

    Lol. Got clapped and emoted on and cried on Reddit. Huge L for you. Dosser.

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