29 thoughts on “Daily Shop (2022-4-24)”

  1. the only good things I can say about the new skins is that it’s nice they use the old default models and they could be good if we didn’t already have plenty of “normal” skins

  2. Glider could have been a big killer bee. Skins could have been members of the Wu. I’m drawn to the set having grown up listening to Wu tang, but I really wish there was some more effort here rather than just slap the Wu logo everywhere and give ‘em Cream sound bite.

    Set could have been so much better if someone who actually cared about Wu tang was involved in the design. Would have been cool to get Rza, Method Man, Raekwon, ODB, Ghostface Killah literally anyone in Wutang instead of generics.

    So torn right now. It’s cool there is Wu tang in Fortnite, and I hate complaining, but, this could have been great. And it feels flat.

  3. I expected nothing and I’m still let down. You got the fucking Wu Fucking Tang on board and licensed THREE SECONDS OF CREAM?????

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