50 thoughts on “Daily Shop (2022-4-25)”

  1. Remember when people said the shops were only bad because of the Ukraine donations lmao

  2. at this rate they should really add an extra daily like they have 2 featured. it’s ridiculous how only 1 or 2 gliders and pickaxes can come back in the daily. maybe a 2nd daily tab for just pickaxes and emotes became at this rate they’re never coming back with this shit rotation.

    also the skins selection is shit like usual, things over 300 days barely have a chance at returning but I’m sure Aura will be here next week 💀

  3. AbletonRinzler

    Great… More 30-day crap. Can Epic bring back the Vaulted a Year or More section of the Item Shop?

  4. AnonymousTowel

    I’ve noticed the negative comments for these daily shop posts are basically people not getting the cosmetic they wanted. If you’ve been waiting for a while then I can see why it’s frustrating but that doesn’t make the shop shit.

    Everyone I know including myself who are new to this game have been overwhelmed by the daily choices. We get excited to see what the next day has for us. Sometimes there is nothing that I want but today, for example, I had to get Malice.

    Different perspectives I guess.

  5. Man this shop is terrible

    Can may 4th come any sooner?


  6. Imagine having a library of skins so large that there are almost no players in your incredibly popular online battle royale that ever feel uncool or like they haven’t been catered to.

    Fortnite has hit every single unique niche at this point yet for some reason they only want you to buy the same 50-60 cosmetics?????

    I would stab my monitor with a syringe and inject liquid $100 bills into it if they gave me the option to buy some of the old shop stuff that hasn’t come around for years; but they just keep pushing the same generic shop items on players constantly until you don’t even like looking at them anymore.

    I truly think that as a business Epic would benefit from more varied shop rotations and the inclusion of skin-themes that aren’t always “trendy two-tone outfit + random cultural significance” next to a legendary skin that costs 2 times as much but is 3 times as old and less detailed/interesting/aesthetically pleasing.

  7. Gonna get downvoted to hell but I feel like all anyone does is complain about the shop…

  8. I just started playing again after like 3 years, do you think Paul atreides will come back before Dune part 2?

  9. TheCreeplightning

    Been just about a month since I started playing, can’t wait to start being disappointed with the rest of you

  10. Got a notification in-game that “Abstrakt was *finally* back!” as if waiting 2 months for a really unpopular skin they’re trying to pretend wasn’t a 30 day item is something exciting.

  11. MrsPuffSmashedMyFoot


    Have we heard anything new about peacemaker, and has anything been said about a buzz lightyear skin?

  12. I’m about over this shit with the item shop. Epic, listen, I’m not overreacting here, but I’m about done checking the item shop.

    This bullshit is annoying and I’m over it. Put something worth buying in there and knock it off with your FOMO bullshit tactics. I’m over it.

    I’ll give you my money, but I won’t continue to check the item shop if you’re going to continue putting in garbage. You have hundreds of rare skins that people are waiting for and I’m tired. This is utterly ridiculous and it’s starting to push me away from your game. Half the reason any of us play is because of the “skins.”

    So if your goal is to push away dedicated players, congrats, you’re right on target.

  13. I don’t mind havignt he 30 day cycle end, but can they end it after ruby is released again. I missed her this month sadly and need her.

  14. Deputy_Danger73

    Nothing here today for me really, might get the banana emote for shits and gigs.

    Gender swapped John McClane is kinda interesting but i only just bought Chris and Jill so nah I’m good.

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