38 thoughts on “Daily Shop (2022-4-27)”

  1. They put Jaeger in the shop after the rumble pack was decrypted to be street fighter 💀

  2. PMMeUnwantedGiftcard

    *”Hey, you want Ruby?”*


    *”Okay, how about SHADOW RUBY?”*

    *”Still no.”*

    *”Okay. What about Ruby?”*


  3. There is an item that hasn’t been seen in 1199 days, yet they advertise this shop as “RUBY IS BACK!” After 13 days.

  4. Alphasilverhawk

    No way they brought back everything from the Sharp Style set (Moniker set), but left out Fortune

  5. Maybe someone can explain this to me because I’m pretty new-ish but because a glider that hasn’t been in the shop for literally years makes this a bad shop to below average? If there’s nothing you want to buy it’s a bad shop in my opinion

  6. So we get Ruby again after not even two weeks and then the skin they bring back after ages is a carbon copy of the drug dealer from my local park. Not even a cool skin to try and balance out having Ruby again. This is the first shop since I started playing again that really makes no sense to me.

  7. Season_Of_Brad

    Was Static Shock ever a skin? If so that needs to happen!! Glider could be the metal lid he surfs on.

  8. EyeScreamSunday

    That Ruby Colorful style is pretty good. That’s the type of style that I appreciate that is a little more effort than just a simple pallet/texture swap. The sweater design alone would be cool for some official merch, and I don’t think I’ve thought that about any clothes I’ve seen any skin wear (even stuff like the Balenciaga collab).

  9. Vaders_Fist_501

    The shop is run by AI. New players are coming to the game for no build, they see an item in the shop and buy it. This tricks the AI into thinking these 10-30 day items are very popular, so it keeps bringing them back. The shop needs to be ran by a human. But it probably saves Epic money to use the AI, so let’s enjoy 30 day items for the rest of eternity.

  10. Okay, what the fuck is wrong with Chapter 3’s item shops ? Chapter 2 could get as bad sometimes but they weren’t this repetitive and they’d at least celebrate minor holidays like Alien Day. Nowadays we only get a 30-40 day rotation of the the exact same 150 items and the occasional rare item or collab.

    The item shop seriously needs a full overhaul because it genuinely feels like it’s being run by an AI or something.

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