Decent skins thats worth 1200 vbucks?


What are some decent skins that returns to the item shop more that’s only 1200? I mainly want those skins with sword backblings since i love sword backblings and i lack them lol. But if you have other 1200 vbucks skins in mind that doesn’t have a sword backbling feel free to suggest i’m all ears


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6 thoughts on “Decent skins thats worth 1200 vbucks?”

  1. A few decent skins that are a better deal(having additional styles) for 1200, that return frequently:






    No sword backblings though.

  2. Michonne. She comes with a Katana Harvesting Tool, and the sheathe for it as a back bling.

    Edit: Not sure how many V-Bucks the outfit costs. Hasn’t been in the item shop for almost a year.

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