Disc Version of Overwatch unplayable?

back in 2016, i saw a post where someone said they were having issues with their console reading specifically their Overwatch disc. fastforwarding to 2022, i am as well having that issue.

my console wont read my disc at all and it wont boot up the game. is this an issue everyone is having, or just my console being dumb? ive thought about just saying screw it and buying the digital version, but is there a way to fix it?

edit: the disc has minor tiny scratches on it. nothing the console would deem unreadable. it doesnt even tell me the disc is unreadable, it just straight up doesnt read it or give me any notif there is a problem

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2 thoughts on “Disc Version of Overwatch unplayable?”

  1. WoodpeckerMobile

    My original disk from 2016 works fine on my Series X , is the disk scratched or something maybe?

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