26 thoughts on “Do you say Cassidy or still say McCree usually?”

  1. When I have time to think about what I say or write them Cassidy unless I’m talking to someone who hasn’t played in ages and so doesn’t know the name was changed. In stress situations like a flanking Cassidy I’ll still say McCree since that name was trained into my brain for years and that’s the first reaction I have when seeing him.

  2. I haven’t played Overwatch in like 3 years and Cassidy sounds wrong to me whenever I see it

  3. I’ve been calling him Cassidy in text for courtesy but in my head he’s still McCree

  4. I try to call him Cassidy, but in hectic situations or when I’m not consciously thinking about it, I still end up slipping out McCree.

    I get the reason for changing his name and I’m in favour of it if it gives the devs some peace of mind, but we’ve spent 5 years inclusive of the game’s peak calling him McCree so it’s difficult to rewire ourselves to the new name.

    It also doesn’t help that the way they went about with the name change was fairly half-hearted – apart from the game UI, rather than truly being rebranded as Cassidy, he’s simply almost never mentioned by name ever again in any voice interaction by other heroes or himself. I think the only voice line I remember actually hearing “Cassidy” spoken is Echo’s Duplication ult.

    And personally, putting aside whatever the IRL guy might have done, I do think the name McCree just sounds way better than Cassidy.

  5. I still call him Mcree. I don’t associate the name with the real persons actions. Jesse Mcree is a much more badass sounding cowboy name in my opinion. Still, disrespectfully fuck you real Mcree

  6. I can’t help screaming MCREEEEEE in my head when I get flash and fanned but I comm cassidy.

  7. I have only ever known McCree from Overwatch. And suddenly you tell me that he is named after another person, and because that person is horrible, McCree has to lose his badass Cowboy name? How is that fair?

    No, in my mind, the real life person has lost the rights to the badass cowboy name.

    He fucked up so he loses his name. He’s cassy now.

  8. The *fictional cowboy* Jesse McCree is a badass (and my DPS main) and I will continue to call him McCree

    The *former Blizzard employee* Jesse McCree is a horrible person and deserves whatever legal nightmare(s) comes crashing down upon him

  9. GimpyThe3LegDog

    I still call him McCree out of habit about 80% of the time, and usually because it’s middle of a match and I’m calling his location out.

  10. To me, he’ll always be Jesse Mccree, the badass cowboy who made a name for himself, not the Blizzard jackass of an employee who soiled his namesake.

  11. Cassidy or Cass when I remember, my callouts during high noon are usually either “cree cree cree high ground” or “uhhhhh theee fuckin uh *everyone dies* the shooty guy top right”

  12. I say Cree, I don’t associate the blizzard associate nor care for his existence. It’s too difficult to adjust after this many years for me.

    Can someone explain to me exactly what the guy did at blizzard? I could never figure it out tbh. All I’ve found is that mccree was FRIENDS with someone that is associate with the whole scandal and that he is actually not on the lawsuit?

    Very unclear to me but again, I’m not jumping the gun after all these false or misunderstood situations that ruined people’s lives. Everyone will be fine if I made a “Cree high ground” call out..

  13. I can’t stop calling him “Cree”. They should have changed his name to an edgelord superhero codename that half the playable cast does like “Creed” or something.

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