34 thoughts on “Does anyone else feel like wildlife doesn’t exist anymore? I rarely see them. Only crows”

  1. Extra-Act-801

    I saw some chickens while playing today, and some boars a couple days ago. No wolves in at least a week.

  2. unsureoftheplot

    I was literally chased by a pack of wolves into a house last night, they wouldn’t leave me alone until I killed them all.

    I hear frogs all the time near rivers and my visiual noise indicator makes me keep thinking they are opponents.

    I probably see at least 1 boar every 2 or so matches.

    Chickens on the other hand, not so much.

  3. iamonaphone1

    I found like, 3 frogs last season, and I think they’ve been removed this season.

    Chickens are a common find at the speedway though, but I can’t find ANY of the other wildlife…

  4. Pigs, chicken, crows everywhere. Don’t see many wolves. Frogs are hard to spot.

  5. I’ve noticed wolves hangout in the storm, not sure why I guess maybe to give stragglers a challenge? Don’t really see them much outside of the storm anymore

  6. I see boars all the time, usually in the hills and grasslands near DB and around the rim of the big bay area

  7. I see boars all the time. It’s always when I’m driving a car and it’s always too late. RIP boars.

  8. RiddleEatsRainbows

    speak for yourself, I keep getting chased by boars and wolves when I’m trying to do quests

  9. Fit-Musician9411

    I’ve seen them around the map today. As long as they don’t bring raptors back I’m good.

  10. I_love_doors

    I see boars and sharks and crows a lot but not chickens or wolves or frogs

  11. I stumble into a boar every game.

    Got killed yesterday because chicken decided to attack me and blocked me off hiding behind cover then did the same to my duo, so I guess they still exist.

  12. goldenhotrod24

    the crafting mechanisc or something else needs to be added in order for people to acknowledge them more

  13. Retrobanana1497

    I see them all but wolves are pretty rare which I’m actually thankful for.

  14. PraiseThePun81

    Not at all, I see a lot of chickens and boars, recently ran from a wolf and entered a house thinking I’d be safe until it started attacking the door, damn thing came through the door after me, I was both amazed and a little terrified of the AI at that point.

  15. TraumaTracer

    i see chickens and boars all the time, wolves are rarer but still around, and frogs hang out by the rivers

  16. I still see Boars and Chickens quite often, I’m glad I’m not seeing many wolves and tbh I don’t think I’ve ever seen a frog.

  17. A-Living-Human

    Good the less of them the better but if only there were literally none in stw

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