34 thoughts on “Does anyone else feel like wildlife doesn’t exist anymore? I rarely see them. Only crows”

  1. I was literally chased by a pack of wolves into a house last night, they wouldn’t leave me alone until I killed them all.

    I hear frogs all the time near rivers and my visiual noise indicator makes me keep thinking they are opponents.

    I probably see at least 1 boar every 2 or so matches.

    Chickens on the other hand, not so much.

  2. I found like, 3 frogs last season, and I think they’ve been removed this season.

    Chickens are a common find at the speedway though, but I can’t find ANY of the other wildlife…

  3. I’ve noticed wolves hangout in the storm, not sure why I guess maybe to give stragglers a challenge? Don’t really see them much outside of the storm anymore

  4. I see boars all the time, usually in the hills and grasslands near DB and around the rim of the big bay area

  5. I stumble into a boar every game.

    Got killed yesterday because chicken decided to attack me and blocked me off hiding behind cover then did the same to my duo, so I guess they still exist.

  6. Not at all, I see a lot of chickens and boars, recently ran from a wolf and entered a house thinking I’d be safe until it started attacking the door, damn thing came through the door after me, I was both amazed and a little terrified of the AI at that point.

  7. I still see Boars and Chickens quite often, I’m glad I’m not seeing many wolves and tbh I don’t think I’ve ever seen a frog.

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