Does anyone feel like the IO seem kinda weak this season

Like you have this organization who have control over basically everything, have all these crazy gadgets, have hidden agents basically everywhere and yet they are losing the war so far. The only reason I say this because there was a post by u/Rifted-06 about how there should be damage left behind on battle pois to make it look like IO are putting up a fight. Which I totally agree with. I don’t feel as threatened by IO as I was by the beginning of the season. I’m sure that will change during the event and when the Marvel X Fortnite Zero War comics come out. >!And the mention of another Doomsday device by Jones!<. What do all of you think?

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6 thoughts on “Does anyone feel like the IO seem kinda weak this season”

  1. I guess it kinda makes sense, the IO had a strangle hold on the c2 map because that’s the side they focused on since its where the zero point ended up after glactus pulled it out of the core, meanwhile the seven managed to set up many different bases/strongholds on the other side along with 8 seasons of recon (giving them a great advantage with terrain). Sure the IO mobilizing put the seven and their forces on the back foot for a short amount of time but the seven has advantages in both the terrain and numbers (yes IO is big but I don’t think they out number the islands looper population who Sloane managed to backstab collectively during the invasion event) this is without going into the loses of tech/manpower they lost during the flip/holding off cube forces during the whole of c2s8

  2. hysterical_cub

    Well the no building thing is kinda like a doomsday device but the other way around

  3. UnhingedTanker

    Especially since they have blimps armed with siege cannons, tanks, and drills.

    The drills could be such a game changer (drill near the sanctuary), and they have a HUGE drill, and there’s no way they’re gonna use it once to get their tanks out, and then just chill in there.

    They carved an entire mountain to make an I.O base, they don’t need a makeshift fortress.

  4. Kind of classic cartoon stuff. The bad guys always have all the cool stuff but ultimately lose.

  5. Cheeseman10000000000

    What I think is the reason why the IO is losing is because they are >!focusing on the doomsday device jones was talkin about.!<

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