2 thoughts on ““Don’t get eliminated!””

  1. Same thing happened to me on that one. I popped a few IO guards in Rocky. Waited until things settled down a bit. Was ok on the storm circle. Grabbed a jet pack jetted down as I heard someone hit one of the cables to the blimp. Thought of they are just going up. Still quiet when I get to the ground. Get the card and blam! Did from the concession kitchen came out, dude from the blimp was coming back down, but the one that got me was over at the restroom dance floor building. It was like people came out of the buildings like roaches just to take me out after I got the glowie. I spectated and it turned into a big cross due fur ball and the dude that got me took everyone else out as well. He was a Mancake skin. Seemed appropriate.

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