DragonFlight My opinion…


So having watched the entire Dragon flight “roundtable” “DeepDive”….. i’m prepared to render my opinion on No one that really cares. I think that dragon flight is going to be a step forward in world of Warcraft and i won’t lie i’m kind of hyped for it. That said i’m not exactly trusting of blizzard these days… I liked Shadowlands Too and it ended up being complete shit. I have hopes that with the Microsoft acquisition pending and Fuck face ( CEO) on his way out. that blizzard is actually Turning this around. That said the “live” stream That was by NO means live felt Cringe and just generally weird. It feels Like a blizzard PR apology tour please don’t leave us here is a new expansion to look forward to in a year and a half. while half heartly pandering to the community that they have Ignored for years. I like the idea of the crafting changes i loved the crafting system in Final Fantasy 14 and to see blizzards interpretation brought to WoW is kind of nice . And the UI changes seem like it will be a good thing it has been… NEVER since they had UI update.. so that’s always good. i Give it cautiously 4 out of 5 Unless blizzard manage to really Over sell it and it doesn’t live up to anything we have been promised


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