43 thoughts on “Dumb question, but How does this backbling work? Like how can we see the fish if what it’s in is black??”

  1. it probably has like a higher priority when being rendered, so its rendered above of everything else. just my guess though

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  3. Idk if epic uses this, but backface culling is commonly used for effects like this. I add outlines to 3D characters with it.

  4. Well, you see, epic is using inverted normals, making you only able to see the inside of a 3D model instead of the outside 🤓🤓💀 (yes, I am joking, although, I’m pretty much sure that’s how epic did it)

  5. iOnlyPlayAsTheSeven

    So my basic idea is that, it is filled with black, but whatever part of the black is not displayed when the camera is facing it, so the fish is visible

  6. like a hollow sky box? I don’t know the technical term but it’s basically a wrapped texture that is only visible from inside meaning you see past the initial layer to the object inside (the fish) and then because our POV cuts through and shows us the inside we get the texture on all faces we aren’t currently looking at behind it.

  7. vinsmokewhoswho

    I’m not entirely sure but I think the fish is actually white when the “black and white” style is selected or at least has white outlines.

  8. Cardboard-Head

    Looks like the dish from Stupid Invaders.

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  9. Hopeful_Video_3803

    Maybe the black is only textured on the inside. Ive seen similar things in different games

  10. Successful-Pen-7963

    People didn’t get along with your geniuses question, sadly…
    But you got me thinking about it and I got to some answer

    At first I thought the fish emaned some kind of light on this dark liquid. But if it emaned enough light to appear clearly in it, all of the bowl would be lightened. Therefore I thought of two options:

    The fish isn’t there, and it’s not an aquarium. It’s a dark surface with some kind of light inside that creates the fish’s image in the surface of the bowl. In another words, it’s a TV. An 360º 3D-like TV.

    OR it’s an AMAZINGLY FAST fish that swims on the border of the aquarium and created the impression that it’s on the middle as we circle the camera around it. Hell, maybe even the camera moves because of HIS will, who knows.

  11. I think the water here is the same thing used for the black outline of some cel-shaded skins and items. Whatever’s inside of the black stuff can be seen as though it was never covered.

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