32 thoughts on “Dwarf Females only have 2 joke lines after Blizzard pruned all the humor out in 9.1.5”

  1. I am very confused at the decisions made here

    You remove a boob joke but keep a golddigger joke?

    Also are women not allowed to say balls? Like that is a great dwarf joke

    And the father joke is hilarious and has nothing to do with gender, so like wtf?

    And actually, didn’t they remove a tauren line because it forces your characters sexuality, but I guess all dwarf women are straight and that’s okay?

    I really wish Blizzard had to put footnotes on all their decisions so we could see the thought process

  2. Most of the jokes they removed were pretty harmless. Should have just worked on fixing their toxic work culture and left the tongue and cheek humour alone. Priorities…

  3. We can either have these harmless jokes or blizzard can stop sexually harassing their employees. We can’t have both for some reason.

  4. I’m a horde player, but sometimes I dabble in a little alliance questing as a guilty pleasure, and when I do so I like to play dwarf.

    Hoping on my Female Dwarf Paladin for a bit of romping, I wanted to hear her jokes because a few of them really made me chuckle in the past. Only when she kept repeating the same 2 over and over did I look it up and find that Blizzard removed all but these 2 because… humor is so 2004?

    I’m pretty sad about this. Knowing Blizz, it’ll be 2034 before they ever add new joke lines to give some variety back to this character.

  5. I genuinely don’t understand why the last one was removed. Sure the others might carry references to genitals or misogynist tones, but the last one was a fart joke…

  6. Nothing truer to form for Blizzard.

    It all comes to light that the developers are rapists so for a PR safe of face, corporate pressure tells them to remove any remarks or humour that could be even slightly construed as sexual.

    Why are the players being punished for the actions of the developers?

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