Early opinion on OW2

Before anyone goes saying “it just came out or it’s just a beta” there’s a reason why I said early opinion and this is “opinions” before people get angry.

So really the game is great I love it and it’s extremely fun tho some of the changes kill it but I’m sure this is just something that we will have to get use to so.

Biggest thing that bothers me is that you know I’m a tank main right? I also prefer being a main tank so usually rein or like Winston so. But they took away like Orisa’s shield and made her a dive tank when literally she’s a protector but now she’s a dps hero it feels like almost but you also make the most non tank dps hero a tank? I don’t get that because now shields are almost obsolete because they also lowered Reins shield health as well which also makes no sense at all tbh. I feel like them doing that as taken away part of the team play it feels like a tdm game with a optional objective and takes away tank strategies. If you’re gonna make fucking Doom of all people a tank and then take away a shield from another tank you should’ve stayed with 6 on 6 that way you have a very flex off tank and you can still have a main tank and main support on obj and it takes away team fights. Maybe give orisa her shield back or make a new shield tank to even it out. But really it does not feel as competitive or team based as the last game for sure.

Now the new maps and the new game mode I love a lot. They are extremely fun and Escort is a highly addicting game mode and can’t wait for more maps on it hopefully and see it in play when it comes to OWL. Sojurn is extremely fun and great to play with she’s actually not broken at all like ppl thought she would be tbh she is only broken when you are really good with her and she does take some skill to use. I thought her ult would be different but still overall I love playing with her.

Support wise well I feel bad for any support mains since you don’t get anything new really besides less protection and slow self healing really so hopefully blizzard does come out with a new support hero down the line.

Overall the game is fun and feels refreshed but they need to work on things and think about these experiments they did with some of the changes. But I love the game and can’t wait to play more of it and can’t wait to see if it actually is competitive in OWL.

I hope you got access to it and are playing it and if you got any comments be sure to leave them below.

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5 thoughts on “Early opinion on OW2”

  1. OW 2 is amazing. I am having A LOT of fun!
    I love the new hero, the reworks, the illumination, the sounds, the scoreboard, the maps, the new mode, etc etc etc. Everything is AWESOME.

  2. Good, barriers were always an issue in OW. They’ve been nerfed multiple times. They just made the game so stale.

    Tanks in OW2 is more of a brawlers role. You create space between you and the enemy. You push the front line. You down stand on ths tline and hold right mouse button:p. Thst said, rein and monkey need a bit more love. They got hit the hardest with the tank changes.

    And doom as a tank works great.

  3. No_Yesterday_598

    i understand that people who liked playing shield Orisa might be mad because her shield is gone and she is practically a new character but the overwatch team is trying to make the game more proactive. Instead of sitting behind shields most of the time you will almost always be doing something and doing much more actions per minute. 🙂

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