I have never found use in these. Other than the 50XP boost I see no point in it. The problem is these can be earned in casual modes, which ruins the point of them IMO. They’re meant to depict hoe good of a teammate you are, but because you can earn them outside of a competitive setting I don’t ever consider them. I feel like I would more if they were comp exclusive or if they added another one on the left side of the hero/player icon that would be comp exclusive

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2 thoughts on “Endorsements”

  1. I’ve been playing Paladins lately and they also have an endorsement system, but for whatever reason it feels way more rewarding then in Overwatch. In Overwatch when I get endorsed it’s like “yep I totally was a shot caller” even though I’ve never once played with a mic, and I know everybody’s just blindly spamming endorsements. But in Paladins they’re rarer to get and it feels like a genuine compliment when I actually play well. I think it might be because you don’t get XP or any form of reward for endorsing someone, which means you only endorse people you think actually deserve it.

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