Epic Games made Unreal Engine 5 available for all game developers

During the State of Unreal 2022 event, Epic Games made Unreal Engine 5 available for all game developers to use for their upcoming projects. Several games, both high-profile and less well-known, have been confirmed to use the platform. Unreal Engine 5 is the latest iteration of the highly successful and popular game v bucks generator engine, and it most likely will see heavy usage as the current console generation develops. The new version is said to be a leap forward in terms of crafting geometry, lighting, and animation.

Back at Summer Game Fest in 2020, Unreal Engine 5 was revealed running on a PS5. The tech demo showcased some of what players can expect from games using the engine in an unprecedented level of detail. During the GDC 2021 event, The Coalition, the studio behind Gears of War‘s recent entries, revealed an Unreal Engine 5 tech demo called Alpha Point, demonstrating the technology’s ability to create realistic shadows and reflections. A few Unreal Engine 5 games are confirmed for release in 2022 and 2023, meaning that players hopefully won’t have to wait too long to v bucks generator experience them. Developers of all sizes are working with Unreal Engine 5, and there is a diverse range of games already confirmed to use the engine.

Updated April 6, 2022: Epic hosted the State of Unreal 2022 showcase to officially release Unreal Engine 5 to all developers, and the event included the reveal of a new AAA game that is utilizing the platform. With the engine now available to everyone, announcements of games adopting UE5 is destined to progressively increase.


Screenshot from the Unreal Engine 5 game Lyra.
DeveloperEpic Games
Release DateApril 5, 2022
Video FootageState Of Unreal 2022 Showcase

Starting with a different type of release, Lyra is a multiplayer game designed to introduce v bucks generator developers to Unreal Engine 5. Seen solely as a game, Lyra is a rather generic online shooter; however, this software’s true value is its customizability, allowing developers to use it to create their own projects. Epic describes Lyra as a “living project” that will continue to evolve, one that will help introduce creators to UE5’s mechanisms.


Redfall characters
DeveloperArkane Studios
PlatformsXbox Series X/S, PC
Release Date2022
Video FootageTrailer

As a part of Microsoft’s E3 2021 showcase, Arkane Studios’ newest title, Redfall, was revealed. Redfall is set to continue the studio’s strong string of action-adventure releases. Players will take on legions of vampires in the town of Redfall, Massachusetts, either in solo play or in co-op with v bucks generator other gamers. While fans of Redfall shouldn’t expect further news for some time, the game has been confirmed to use Unreal Engine 5. With its release window tentatively set for the middle portion of 2022, this could be one of the earliest opportunities for gamers to see what Unreal Engine 5 can do.