14 thoughts on “Epic has done the four arm gimmick twice now with Leelah & Southpaw, so now it’s Doc Ock’s turn!”

  1. Classic Doc Ock is an eyesore, tho, lmao.

    I’d be on board if it was more similar to Alfred Molina, and judging by a recent interview where he said he reprised his role in No Way Home “for the money”, he might just be up for it.

  2. Anonymous_Falcon_314

    Maybe two of the robotic arms can hold weapons and the other two can act like pickaxes. Or maybe all 4 arms are pickaxes. Just a thought

  3. MikeAftonenjoyer

    r/fortnitebr users asking epic to make a collab skin (they just got done complaining about epic not making original skins)

  4. The “four arms” are just a gimmick though. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an interesting look, but it’s also not at all what Doc Ock would need. The current folded arms are just part of the body and don’t need to be animated. For Doc Ock to work, they’d have to animate all 4 of his mechanical arms to make them believable and also have some interesting idle animations.

    Basically, Doc Ock is a ton of extra work rigging a model versus cheating a normal rigging model.

  5. Prism_La_Redditor

    would he use his two bottom arms as legs and the top as hands or use his real legs to walk?

  6. This concept looks kinda weird, Doc Ock is always shown as fat guy, specially in the comics

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