39 thoughts on “Epic seems to be working on Seven Sentry skins where you can customize their skin and outfit color.”

  1. No doubt they’re gonna tell 10 of them because of a character model you’ll barely see

  2. FrederickFazbuford

    This will be next seasons customisable thing most likely.

    Also where are these images from?

  3. I highly doubt they’re going to be customizable outfits; they’ll most likely sell 5 different male and female versions with different skin tones and colors. Epic Game’s knows how to milk their cash cow; they’ve become quite adept at it.

  4. It would be cool if along with this, having your own customizable IO guard would be awesome for next seasons custom cosmetic, even though I’m not sure if they’d want to do 2

  5. I believe the IO Guard and the Seven Sentry will be put in a pack similar to Ghost and Shadow henchmen

  6. Girlwhohatesoceity

    Epic always makes Npc’s Outfits into actual skins, doesn’t mean they will release it tho, its just easier for them to program it like that

  7. ShiningGundamu

    To the Epic spy watching the reddit: If these are actually color customizable, I will 100% buy one

  8. There is literally no evidence for this claim. They just added a different colour variant which they did with the AIM skin too which never released.

  9. Still waiting for sledge to get a io guard edit style or the io guard becomes a skin

  10. I really, really hope this is a thing. It would be so cool and I can imagine there being good skin combos.

  11. Character-Composer13

    BTW u cut out the bottom half? This has proof that ur not looking at a file and your modding the reaper

  12. Just watch, they’ll sell 10 versions of them with skin color and gender being the only difference among them

  13. ButterflyFrosty2632

    Trash unless you can use gun wraps, I thought this post was announcing a seth sentry skin sad

  14. ComfyPaladin198

    I’ve been waiting for 2+ years for EPIC to let us chose what default skin we want to play with

  15. I hope that one day we can change the helmets symbol, y’know since we are loopers, and if we buy these skins, it should be based on the loopers

  16. Maybe as default skins? I think that it might be true, because both IO and the Seven use experienced loopers as theirs guards

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