15 thoughts on “Epic should fire the current modelers and rehire their old ones with a massive raise.”

  1. I mean considering the concept art is a slightly different style to the game’s, I’d say the modelling artist did a really good job.

  2. The concept art looks so much better than the actual skin. Maybe I would actually consider ever using the skin if it looked as good as the concept art.

  3. I don’t see the issue… I like her a lot, and currently use her more than my other skins. I’m glad they didn’t make her legs so muscular. Her thighs are my favorite part.

  4. Don’t ever wish someone to get fired, it’s hard enough trying to find a job & especially when everyone can’t be pleased.

  5. shes cute in the concept art but in the model, bruh. I would also love if she had a smaller body

  6. Concept was in my opinion also a bit better, but I think it’s fine really. Would be more motivated to use her tho

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