It’s great Blizzard are introducing stuff like the Incubus in an attempt to address the inequalities in WoW,

But.. why can’t you be anything other than a slim female or a stacked male? Except for Kul Tirans, and even then you have no choice other than chub. (Side note – how come all the ‘good’ Kul Tiran main characters in BFA are slim and the baddies fat? What are you implying Blizz!?)

What if I want a warlock with a pot belly instead of ripped abs? Or a Demon Hunter who’s let himself go a bit (I AM my cellulite)? Or a female draenai that looks like she actually enjoys eating?

This sizeism must stop!


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3 thoughts on “Equality”

  1. The more body size options that they give you is more rigs that they have to make both new and old armor fit on and look good. That’s the primary reason. If they let you be large/slim they have to design and program armor that can also expand/contract and still look good. And with the way the current engine works, they would basically have to redesign the engine from the ground up to make it work.

    Not to say they couldn’t or shouldn’t just do that; but that’s the primary reason there aren’t body size options right now. Apparently the new Dracthyr will be getting a slight body type slider for their dragon forms, but those forms can’t wear armor anyways.

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