6 thoughts on “ESP cheaters”

  1. I mean Faze Jarvis cheated and there was cheaters caught in tournaments and the world tournament. You probably were a victim to a couple at least in my opinion and I been playing since O.G. season 2… you would be surprised how many people started cheating during and after covid to compete with experienced players due to their lack of honor and just making smurf accounts for hacks. Those without the experience will just gas light you. This is one of the most hacked games besides call of duty so you will run into cheaters every 5 games or so with a couple of them. Unfortunately it’s all too common and kids think it’s okay or will just talk trash to you regardless 🤷

  2. You could just be landing in really popular places. Or getting unlucky. When someone sees me landing somewhere they tend to glide away.

  3. I’ve been known to sometimes jump from the bus and chase some unlucky opponent until they land. They don’t know I’m there until I pick-axe them.

  4. Well there’s also audio when you walk around… Which makes it pretty easy to land on you

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