31 thoughts on “Everyone loves an underdog ๐Ÿ‘‘ Southpaw joins the Fortnite Crew on May 1, 2022.”

  1. That is actually a legit cool character design, If I still swapped skins Id def buy it, its really cool.

  2. get_no_scoped_kid

    Not what I expected nor wanted, but this is still very cool, miles better than the last few for sure.

  3. Shes so cool! hope they also release the red and masked variant that appeared on the survey too

  4. Probably the best crew skin since The First Shadows, glad she’s finally released, one of my favorites from the surveys!

  5. Omg finally. I loved the concept and I’m glad it’s coming out. The arm stuff has been really cool. Plus the harvesting tool looks amazing.

  6. It gives me hope for omega knight not being crew pack ๐Ÿ˜€ I really hope, that he will be cool level 100 or at least an item shop skin.

  7. Alphasilverhawk

    Finally a Crew pack that isnโ€™t that bad. Kind of annoying we got a female outfit for the 3rd month in a row, but at least it isnโ€™t horrible

  8. I would like more future/robots skins and season too, never bought crew but this one looks better then most of them

  9. APulsarAteMyLunch

    Love the hair!

    Also, am I the only one that kinda expected some voice acting for this trailer? Idk.

  10. The character is named southpaw yet she’s right handed. I don’t expect them to make a whole new animation set just for one character, but it’s still weird.

    Edit: Her arms may be restrained but she still seems to have absolute control over the artificial ones. So I’m still gonna think that the naming was weird.

  11. That’s kind of hype adjacent. I wanted Leelah but I restarted playing the day after she left the shop but I’ll take a different waifu skin with hands in pockets energy.

  12. Okay Iโ€™ve thought most of the crew packs were eh but holy shit this is awesome, really love how they repurposed Leelah(?) with her arms into a prisoner type deal, kinda feel like this is what the actual Prisoner (skin) wouldโ€™ve had if it existed back in the day

  13. Pretty disappointed because i was waiting more the Omega knight but not to much because i was waiting a lot too

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