Favorite new voice lines?

Mei has one for killing Tracer.

I believe it was “Tracer, I’m sorry.”

It broke my heart cause it sounded like they were on a mission together and Mei accidentally shot her.

I also love how Mei comments on landing difficult shots.
“I can’t believe I hit you all the way up there!”

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11 thoughts on “Favorite new voice lines?”

  1. Update: Mei also says “I’m sorry Genji” but it doesn’t sound nearly as sad. I wonder why 😛

  2. I done a hail mary charge and I’m almost certain rein said ‘i meant to do that’ idk if it’s new but it caught me off guard

  3. I saw a video where Hanzo had a flirty voice line where he says “Good looks are not enough’ when killing Cass/Bap.

    If thats their way saying Hanzo likes dudes thens really cool imo. it reminds me of how Apex Legends did this with several of their characters, and they did it casually! I think its even better when you know that Hanzo’s VA has a husband

  4. I guess I’m not paying attention enough to hear the cool voice lines. I only heard all the new noises dva makes

  5. Another thing: I think heroes might have voice lines for killing themselves on the enemy team.
    Soldier said something like “Impersonate someone else” when killing another Soldier.

    Mei says “Oh no, I hope I’m not mad at me.”

  6. RazorMajorGator

    There this interaction between tracer and Orissa. Tracer asks her how she can catch up to someone if she is so big.

    Orissa: *happy voice* I can provide a demonstration. *Threatening voice* start running.

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