9 thoughts on “Favorite Star Wars skin?”

  1. DrawnGunslinger

    I like the Imperial Stormtrooper and Sith Stormtrooper skins. I do like the Boba Fett skin too but it’s too similar to Mando. I cannot decide which to buy out of the two Stormtroopers. I’ll probably go for Imperial. It is a classic Star Wars outfit.

  2. nowtestify24

    I waited two years for sith trooper to return to the shop. Totally worth it. I think it’s the best of the Star Wars ones besides mando

  3. Traditional_Nerve_60

    Of the current ones? Imperial Stormtrooper. As long as it’s in, I’ll run the EE-11. Don’t care about winning so if my aim is crap, it stands to reason with the skin I run. I often run it with the Storm Tracker backbling, riot baton, Tie-Fighter glider, and a random contrail.

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