Features Request for Visually Impaired players


Hello! I’m playing Fortnite from the 1st Season on Alpha, and i’ve Low Vision and i’m Achromate too.

Like ALL players like me (yes i know that we are only a very small %), i’ve problems to recognize and see enemies.

I know that Fortnite almost ignore all the players feedback but i stil try to ask for a new feature to help players like me.

Before someone say something the Colorblind settings are completely useless for us.

So i’m here to ask again, from 2017 some feature that permit so see enemies (in any mode, build and no buiid) for people like me, and before someone could say something, who does not is visually impaired/achromate is always see the enemies, so it does not give any advantage to anyone, it only permits people with vision disease to play.

THank you


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2 thoughts on “Features Request for Visually Impaired players”

  1. So how do you mean by “always see the enemy” like as you can see then through like trees and stuff or to make the enemys brighter to spot them in a darker environment?

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