31 thoughts on “First person Fortnite would slap now that “Zero Build” exists!”

  1. They need to improve the first person in save the would, then they can implement it into battle royale,

  2. IMO wouldn’t really fit in Fortnite. The game is so cosmetics based that not being able to see your own skin just sounds weird.

  3. Would be fun to have as an option, but I wouldn’t use it – I’m too used to third person by now, and I want to see my own ~~poor spending decisions~~ skins and backblings and such.

  4. old_grumpy_ultomato

    Epic games should add the option to turn on first-person mode for creative ![gif](emote|keeoh_emo_pack|keeoh_hey)

  5. It would be nice, but i don’t think epic would ever do that. Can’t see your skin in 1st person, so less sales.

  6. that will be good especially the new add on the climbing sliding theres actually glich in primal season which you can go first person but its patch

  7. The next first-person game that looks and feels realistic will be the first. I’ve never done anything IRL where my arms and whatever I’m doing/wielding look like they do in those games. I guess If my arms were connected to my neck or ears, and moved like 2X4s connected via bolts and wires, maybe I’d feel differently.

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