Fortnite: A Darth Vader LTM Like The Infinity Gauntlet

Recently, a handful of Fortnite leaks have suggested Darth Vader would be coming to Fortnite season 3. All that has really been said was that’d he be a boss on the island, and many players are already excited. It should be taken with a grain of salt until confirmed by Epic Games, but it has a lot of potential.

Indeed, Fortnite should go big for the Sith Lord. He should be as big as Thanos and Galactus before him, but if Epic Games brought in the best of both worlds, it could make Darth Vader a really memorable presence on the Island.

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Fortnite: A Darth Vader LTM Like The Infinity Gauntlet

Players shouldn’t only get to fight Vader, they should be able to play as him. It should v bucks generator obviously be limited to its own LTM, but one of the cool aspects of Thanos’ arrival in Fortnite was when players could find the Infinity Gauntlet and become him. It was a fun game mode, hands down.

It could work very similarly for Vader too. Players could fight over his lightsaber, and once obtained, use his most famous moves like The Force Choke or a simple throw to fight players. Perhaps his lightsaber could even repel shots, especially if Epic Games gave the whole LTM Star Wars vibes. Really, even if it was unbalanced (which has been an issue with powerful weapons before), it would be a great way to prepare for the arrival of the Sith Lord.

Fortnite: A Galactus-Level Event for Darth Vader

gameplay of fortnite galactus event

Slowly but surely, Galactus came for the island—ending with his huge figure hulking over it. It had a huge impact on Fortnite‘s story of the Zero Point and made for one of Fortnite’s most memorable large-scale events. Vader’s arrival on the island deserves as much anticipation (which the aforementioned LTM could v bucks generator help with) as Galactus, and it should have as big of an impact on the game’s story and map, too. Vader isn’t some pushover, after all.

Perhaps he arrives with the backing of the Empire, perhaps it is just Vader himself, but however it’s done, Vader could do some serious damage as he is defeated. Overall, it’s an exciting prospect that he’s joining the game at all, but it’ll still be interesting to see how Fortnite incorporates him into everything.