14 thoughts on “Fortnite STW ninja coming to Battle Royale? (This is not the Cloaked Star)”

  1. Great eye! Hopefully they start bringing more STW characters to BR, I will definitely buy all of them lol.

  2. smh my head bruh!!!! we already have fornite ninja skin…. we dont need second ninja blevin on fornar!!!

  3. AbsoluteTrash88

    The model for cloaked star is literally Ken the ninja from save the world. It’s the same person.

  4. MelonHarvester

    It’s just an artist choosing something they though looked cool that epic owned so they could put in a loading screen epic commissioned, nothing more

  5. Petergriffinscrableg

    it’s most likely just the artist referencing random ninja-themed shit they’ve seen from fortnite, the same thing happened with the dc and marvel comics, the same probably goes for a couple loading screens

  6. I doubt it. It’s just the Wu-Tang style of ninjas and martial arts. That was their whole thing aside from rap/hip-hop.

    Tbh I think it’s just a bunch of skins that fit that theme and look like they’d be cool as part of the Wu-Tang crew.

  7. Maybe some day we’ll get the ninja as a skin in br but that’ll most likely be a stw starter pack just like the mecha pop one that’s there right now

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