i still can’t believe that i have been playing on PS4 controller since 2007 and i used to be a sweat on PS4 controller back then i Fortnite controller but now I’m just a average Fortnite player but I’m trying to work on becoming the thing i once was and that is to become a sweaty Fortnite player again but it’s going to be difficult but i am going to try to become a sweaty Fortnite player on Fortnite controller.

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  1. Useless post but I’ll say this:

    Back in 2018 I was a very good R6S player. What happened? I took a year-long break and never recovered fully (partly my fault but that’s it)

  2. Away-Reference9970

    It’s not worth the time. Spend your time doing something useful like learning a real skill, or playing a sport, or even expanding your brain by reading more. Don’t waste your youth trying to get good at a video game. Complete waste of time

  3. fortnite_master65

    My bad I meant 2013 that’s how long i have been playing on PS4 to now and still play on PS4 controller

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