27 thoughts on “fortnite’s most famous robot”

  1. There are 2 other bots this season Focus with a puppy back bling and the T-800 with Ronin’s back bling

  2. no way is this really a bot? my brother and I were always laughing when we’d find this guy in a lobby. The illusion was fun while it lasted lol

  3. This guy always comes in off a zip line for me. I thought it was odd but it never occurred to me that he’s a recurring bot.

    Mind blown right now!

  4. Tom holland spiderman with weird blue wings. Or maybe that was part of his set oddly? Bc I missed last season or whenever he was.

  5. fishtankromance

    Dappermint, clown girl, Lexa, Tom Holland spider-man with wings. I see them all the time.

  6. I’m sorry but were you not around for Rippley Bot? He rocked the hulk hands like the fashionista he is.

  7. The funniest to me will always be the Renegade Raider with Fable’s cape. Absolutely ridiculous to encounter one for the first time when before you realize.

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