23 thoughts on “Free Talk Friday”

  1. I still get mad whenever i get reminded that epic basically abandoned STW, The mode deserved so much more 🙁

  2. CheckYourUnderwear

    I wish there were variations in team sizes even if it was just timed events.

    10 teams of 10, 4 teams of 25 etc

  3. Vaders_Fist_501

    Does anyone else have their first BR victory in Ch1 season 2? Got the snowflake brella?

  4. Gang-Weeder-420

    I genuinely cannot wait for the drum shotgun to be put back in the vault, the most oppressive thing in no build by far, whoever decided that it gets 12 shots should get put into the time out corner

  5. black_knight1233

    I have discovered that drinking five consecutive five hour energy extra strength drinks at once is not a fun experience, and will lead to you wishing for your demise the next day

    Did the math, I drank 1’150 mg of caffeine in the span of 30 seconds

    I’m not very smart

  6. I’ll get downvoted and told “bad idea” just about everywhere, but as someone who recently came back after about 2 years, holy shit were most of the good skins from battlepasses.

    I see a lot of people against it, but I would love to see Epic consider people being able to work on previous battlepasses.

    Probably won’t ever happen. Will sadly never have Kit (or finish unlocking the Meowscles variant I forgot to choose 🙁 )

  7. Overlord_Yosai

    Damn…I can’t even play House of the Dead remake, issues like minutes to load the stage while before it took at least 10 seconds as well as being forced to restart my pc every now and then while playing, I fixed the issues but recent update ruined everything again.

    Also I’ve never spent as much money recently with Omega Knight, Star War skins, and now Master Chief with Instinct. My stock stw vbucks is gone

  8. Not_in_a_hole

    Does anyone know how long the master chief bundle will be in the shop? Just curious. Hoping it doesn’t disappear next reset or something.

  9. Fortnite question- I created an account way back when Fortnite first came out on PS4 and you couldn’t freely swap between consoles. I created a second account later on the Switch which is now my main account. I got what I think is a PS+ exclusive skin (point patroller) on that original account. Is there any way I can transfer the skin to my main account, either myself or via Epic support?

  10. AbletonRinzler

    Now knowing that The Hunt Begins wrap exists, that gives me some hope that Huntmaster Saber releases soon. The man needs a skin, and so does IO Doggo and Vi.

  11. FunnyCobra002

    Everyone who plays on the middle east server will get 200+ ping starting May 9th and there is no eta on how long will they take to fix this 😭

  12. After_Construction_5

    I wish we could get The Batman 202w skin with a Bruce Wayne extra style I can see the bundle already

    But aside from that
    Whatever happened to Bendy The Dark Revival? Legit nothings been updated about it

  13. I’m so burned out from how much I’m not enjoying Halo Infinite I came to zero build. I’ve got to say, having the Chief in the game makes for a very nice replacement for now.

  14. painshadeslayer

    I knew visibility would be an issue with Omega Knight but I didn’t expect it to be this bad. I completely lose the crosshair at times during close range fights.

    Well he looks too cool so I can live with it but I ain’t going for bulky skins in the future despite how appealing they tend to look.

  15. I was looking through public Discord listings the other day and noticed like 50% of them are furry discords and literally all of their banner/PfPs are dog bois.

    I have so many questions from just that. No female/trans furries? Why dogs exclusively? No one wants to be a horse? Really? *Really?* Why so many servers for the same thing in the same language? Was there some sort of great furry civil war that split them into multiple Discord factions? Are they loyal to the Kozuki clan? Are you seriously telling me no one wants to be a horse boi? Come on, I’ve seen hentai. Don’t lie to me.

    Eh… it’s probably better to leave these questions unanswered.

  16. Sometimes you just have to take a match and fish to cook off the tilted feeling of having your shots apparently phase through the other guy who three shots you with a grey drum.

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