galakrond form?

with dragonflight and galakrond coming around I was thing what do you think galakronds nondragon form would be (example wrathion’s human form or ysera’s night elf form) personally I was thinking uncorrupted orc like the mag’har but maybe taller

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6 thoughts on “galakrond form?”

  1. Master-Surround1481

    Vrykul, back to the origin of the human form as he is the ‘progenitor of dragonkind’

  2. Given how corrupted Galakrond was I imagine his humanoid visage would barely look humanoid, more like a Faceless One than any playable race.

  3. ScumlordStudio

    Galakrond was just a big fuck-off dragon kinda feral I thought. I wouldn’t think he had a visage form

  4. Is there a reason he would ever swap to his human-like form? Wasn’t the whole thing about deathwing swapping being pointless because his human form was much weaker than his dragon form?

  5. I think Galakrond was prior to all this transformation shenanigans, and probably is just like a true huge behemoth of a monster. I don’t think it would fit him.

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