Game assets are loading


Whenever I enter a match, the assets for the game doesn’t load in for a while.

The characters are blue orbs, I can’t see my arms or reticle, there’s no sound, opening the menu freezes my game until the options appear, and some opponents are straight up invisible. Is there a way to fix this?

I’m on ps4 and this only started to happen since the latest update.


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2 thoughts on “Game assets are loading”

  1. i had the same issue on pc with the dying hdd with overwatch installed on it

    so i have switched the game to ssd and everything is normal now

    can’t tell if it’s the hdd’s fault, but are you able to run the other games on ps4 normally?

  2. I had this issue, sometimes it even happened midgame when it had been working fine, however I am on XBOX One. I just did a full reset of my system and it started working properly again. Hopefully you can find a quicker solution but that’s a nice last resort at least.

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