Gather around my fellow mountains. Tank advice needed.

So, recently, i’ve been swaping around 2/3 toons because i didn’t get the feel to main 1 until Dragons arrive. I remembered i gave a try to Tank specs in 9.1. and actually enjoyed it a LOT. Not just the playstile, but the easy mode on Looking For Groups too.

To the point. Now, after the grind on my Fury Warrior, i want to end the expansion maining a Tank (maybe up to 2 diferent classes), and i need YOUR ADVICE.

Give me everything about what CLASS you recommend, from personal opinion, to efficacy on raids/m+, experience, everything. Here’s what i think about what im searching for:

– I like Paladin, because of the interrupts and healings, plus the dmgs it brings.

– Sometimes i feel like i need to move a lot to reach mobs i cannot pull, like i could with DK.

– I want to feel that i don’t need a healer, so i can push keys to the limit. It doesn’t mean that i don’t want a brainless class.

– Don’t think i would enjoy Druid because of the Dots, and some comments of it being AFK tanking.

PLEASE, help a fellow gamer to enjoy the last months of Shadowlands, and find his new main for DragonBorn, i mean, End of Dragons… i mean… Dragon Flight!

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2 thoughts on “Gather around my fellow mountains. Tank advice needed.”

  1. I’ve only played 3 tanks so far but:


    – nice interrupts

    – good utility with bop, lay on hands, blessing of sacrifice, divine shield

    – really good healing with Word of glory, taking burden off the heals

    – strong aoe damage


    – somewhat slow in general

    – sometimes hard to get aggro with

    – limited def CDs, 5 min CD on Guardian of ancient kings


    – extremely good mobility with forms

    – insane multi target dps with incarnation and especially 4pc set

    – good self healing

    – very versatile kit that allows kiting

    – nice kit for damage reduction

    – battle rez


    – somewhat boring rotation

    – somewhat weak to magic damage

    Demon Hunter


    – good aoe damage

    – good mobility

    – mostly simple to play with not a lot of buttons

    – nice utility with sigils (fear, silence, mass grip)

    – a cheat death ability (talent)

    – 5% increased magic damage taken to enemies hit by your abilities (mages and warlocks will love you)

    – good resist against magic damage


    – only a single damage reduction def CD in fiery brand

  2. They all work, even warrior technically works. Find one you enjoy the play style of and learn it.

    Paladins are great with self sustain and have a ton of utility. If you aren’t going to use that utility though then that doesn’t matter. It’s more new player friendly than something like blood because around 25% haste you hit 100% uptime on your AM. You can easily hit 40% haste this tier plus the tier set floods you with holy power so your AM will never drop even when you decide to off heal a ton.

    Blood is the self sustain tank which also makes them harder to play, especially before 4pc. After 4pc they get flooded with RP and can nearly faceroll death strikes to victory with near 100% uptime on DRW granting them 40% additional parry. They probably have the strongest tier in the game but without tier they are substantially harder to play.

    DH is really good right now, Immo Aura gets absurd with tier, but they still have mandatory kite windows. If you hate kiting and want to push above 20s then I wouldn’t play DH. Weekly 15s don’t require much kiting if any though.

    Monks tier/leggos work really well together and basically turn keg smash into death strike lite, it heals for damage done. It’s a very mobile tank spec but it also has a lot of minor effect key presses. When I played it last patch it felt like a lot of work for very little reward and I haven’t played it yet this patch.

    Bears are just boring 1 button mashers and without incarn have threat issues, tier helps here but doesn’t solve the problem of having very little to actually do. I’ve never liked bear because of how simple it is so I didn’t play it outside of weekly 15s last patch and am not playing it this patch.

    Prot warriors have essentially zero self sustain. Their talent rework coming out of BfA neutered them and Blizz hasn’t seen fit to put them on a level playing field. On top of that their tier is kinda meh. That doesn’t mean they are worthless just that they are worse off. It’s the one tank I didn’t touch in 9.1 and I still don’t plan on touching it. It’s probably the one spec I’m most hopeful of regarding the upcoming talent rework in 10.0.

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