19 thoughts on “GHOST flags have been corrected and replaced with Seven flags”

  1. Any_Plankton1268

    Lets see what the fnbr conspiracy theorists who were not agreeing the flag was a bug, going to do now.

  2. I took a break from Fortnite for a while so what happened to Ghost and Shadow?

  3. NeptuneBlueX

    Theorists: “Ghost is subtly coming back into the story! They just got discovered by The Seven and got kicked out, but they’re still back!
    Anyone else: it was a bug lmao

  4. In that case, it was human error. Not a bug or glitch. This flag is new to the files as of this update.

  5. AbN0XiousH0urz

    And you dumbasses really thought Midas and Ghost and The Agency would all make a new appearance during the fight against IO, I’m not saying it wont happen, just not any time soon

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