Give all of The Seven smiley face helmets.


Epic why isn’t this a thing already. First, it was the Foundation who didn’t get one, and now there are two more without a smiley face helmet. This has gone on too long. They all deserve smiley face helmets. We deserve smiley face helmets. With this you can right an unforgivable wrong.


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4 thoughts on “Give all of The Seven smiley face helmets.”

  1. I was hyped to see Foundations smiley last season, I could even forgive it was a skull or something nope!! They even made an animated emoticon with multiple smiles and faces and used none of them!

  2. Funny, but you’re actually right, idk why they go the extra mile to give all of the memebers a Smiley style up until Dwayne The Foundation Johnson finally was given to us.

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