30 thoughts on “Gladiator Stance confirmed NOT coming back.”

  1. Just allow people to tmog their offhand into a shield while fury. Make an animation for rampage and raging blow with a shield (or just swap raging blow animation into shield slam when a shield is tmogged). Call it a day

  2. it should be an option for something like Fury, since they can already use 1handers, rather than prot.

    just DPS spec with shield for flavor

  3. Gladiator stance was by far my favorite spec that has ever existed in WoW. I remember raiding with it in the first raid of WoD. Fun times.

  4. Did they say in the ion/Asmon interview that tanks would fuck their raids by speccing into glad stance? How did that work? I wasn’t around for MOP

  5. Perhaps the devs should stop sticking too much to their “direction of the game”, and start figuring out what players enjoy. Blizzard have been proven wrong countless times regarding their arbitraty “rules”, from transmog, to classic, to cross-faction play.

    Unless it’s something completely game breaking/impossible to balance/resource intensive, implementing these fun little things that people love and keep the game alive should be on the top of the list.

  6. They just need to make it a separate spec then if they don’t want it to be a part of Prot.

    It would let them keep the unique abilities and replace the abilities that were just left over from Prot, it could end up better than it was when it first existed.

  7. Oh so what’s bone storm for? Ravager? Sanctified wrath? There are talents all across the board for tank specs that are specifically to do more damage. Taking away damage options will only push people away from tanking.

  8. He’s right. I’m sorry but he is.

    There’s no reason for the Trinity of roles if we allow a role to perform just as well as one role as another. I understand that Gladiator spec was fun, but there’s a reason I get beaten up if I taunt on my ret pally: even though paladins can be tanks I’m not one. I can take enough hits to reset stacks, and that’s good in my opinion.

    I’m sorry for people who are die hard for Gladiator Stance, but.

    Edit: for everyone misinterpreting my point about taunting in ret, I meant it to illustrate that a DPS isn’t suddenly a tank for a fight because it has tankish abilities.

    A prot warrior DPS runs afoul of design sensibilities which is exactly what was said in the interview. Specs are one role, some specs are hybrid (disc priest with Atonement), but gladiator stance was functionally clicking the “Change Specialization” button without pressing it and that’s pointless game design.

  9. Just make them cosmetic options. Let’s us transmog 1 hander’s to 2 handers and vice versa. Let us transmog a 2 hander into a shield. That would allow folks to have that class fantasy without creating a balancing nightmare.

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