39 thoughts on “Going to be hard to explain that…”

  1. Deathknights: ‘Boy we sure did horrible things to the dragonflight, didn’t we?’

    Leatherworkers skinning their 1,000,000th whelpling to make another pair of pants: ‘Hm? You say something?’

  2. I mean the Horde spent a few years gangraping Alexstrasza in their basement and torturing and corrupting her children. If that’s not a deal breaker surely she can handle a bit of struggle necromancy.

  3. Alexstrasza “You will answer for your crimes”

    My DK “Bolvar told me to do it, the same Bolvar you rezzed with your power. So technically it’s your fault”

  4. They might add a few lines of dialogue for DKs but I dont count on anything more (it is something they have done in the past for example the Troll Ptophet guy on Zandalar talking shit about each different race)

  5. I’m surprised we didn’t go all the way and just go for Alexstrasza or her Consort. We are so powerful most ppl shit their pants when they see us lol

  6. “Oh? Uh the dragon isles huh? You know I’m super tired after the whole shadowlands thing and we promised Bolvar that we’d help him move y’know.”

  7. Im guessing itll probably be “non-canon” and the achievement just for a fun side thing. Maybe a small nudge at it in text or something but dont think it would be accepted as true.

  8. Dont worry blizzard forgot that death knights were in shadowlands, that sargeras sword is a splinter, and that burning down the night elf homeland was time for the night elves to forgive others. im sure the writters… er dragons have forgotten by now.

  9. “Oh come on! It’s not even the worst thing I’ve done, I once took a dump in the Darkmoon Faire Cotton Candy machine, and don’t you start with the whining because ya’ll had that lady selling people meat for like a year before you ran her into the forest!”

  10. Death Knights in lore always feel like they’re a hair away from breaking away from the factions again. They get away with an awful lot and I’m surprised how much of it is easily hand-waved.

  11. We’ll give Death Knights a pass. After all, the guy who ordered them to do that got made into an absolute fool by that Banshee woman, and I’m sure the collective embarrassment trickled down to the rest of them.

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