29 thoughts on “Golden weapons are not what they used to be now. Bob is sad.”

  1. Personally I like them both. Maybe the new one is a bit too bland while the old one is a bit over the top but both look good imo

  2. Honestly I like how obnoxiously shiny the current golden weapons are. I like that they stand out, the new Bob looks like plastic.

  3. Looks like a bronze in game. Doesn’t have that trump tower golden toilet look like it does in ow1

  4. All the golden weapons look terrible now. its quite upsetting. I want my tacky gun back. I was proud.

  5. Inverted_pyramid_guy

    What does the new gold look like on Route 66? It’s reflective of it’s environment, so putting it in a white void vs an enviro with lots of reds and oranges isn’t really giving it a fair shot.

  6. SpeakFriendAndEnter

    It’s way too dull now, even in OW1 I could barely see it on most of Zenyatta’s skins, now we may as well have not bought it

  7. Wait this is how now? Come on I won’t waste competitive till they give that golden guns a more shine. this sucks 😔

  8. All the colors seem off and way too bright but blend in a really dull way. Also the player icons are dog shit. Teammates ultimate charge also feels like it’s lost in a bland wall of white text. I’d rather have tiny player icons on the screen with an ult meter next to them. That score card can go.

  9. Character artist here

    My guess: this is likely all WIP (not final visuals) – they may be updating a bunch of the golden weapon maps and/or shader because a lot of them just have the gold material blanket applied (eg. a bunch of Bastion’s weapons) instead of correctly broken up with alternating materials like you can see on Bob there. On the blanket-applied ones, It’s even overriding the emmissive/glow maps with the gold color on a bunch of them so they’re just being plopped on top of everything for the moment.

    I would imagine the color we’re seeing is also just so it’s easier to tell at a glance if everything is being mapped correctly as the reflections/metallics in the full-gold look might hide errors.

    Remember folks, regardless of how “finished” a game might otherwise look in a Beta phase, game dev is still VERY much a work-in-progress right up to (and often even after) release.

  10. Ham_Din_Faetter

    i litteraly bought golden gun to ashe yesterday, for the gold bob now im even more sad

  11. and now I no longer care about golden weapons. I’d like to get golden guns, not brass guns

  12. Wait is the LEFT bob supposed to be gold?! If yes, WTF where they thinking, it’s not even remotely golden?!

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