39 thoughts on “Goodbye Orisa, I will miss your old version :(”

  1. I miss I’ll miss the whole two tank format in general. But good news to Orisa mains, she seems to be the S tier pick for most as tank unless she’s nerfed.

  2. I should preface this with the caveat that i never loved Orisa much to begin with, but i feel like they took out the most problematic parts of her kit and replaced them with actually cool and dynamic stuff. Halt and Bongo are like 2 of the top 5 abilities that i think are horrible for the game and just fundamentally broken as a concept, so im very happy to see those go.

  3. Every change will reduce the player count. They have learned nothing over the years even back to Wow. Adding stuff yes but changing or removing things only hurts. Imagine playing checkers and every year it had new rules. As a IT I can also say users hate changes to what they know. They need to stop listening to the smallest part of the player base. Truth hurts I am legit sorry to those addicted or still in love with the game you don’t deserve this sorry.

  4. Tbh my first thought for her is what is gonna happen to her highlight intros, like 3 of them shouldn’t exist anymore, this one with the shield, the one with halt and all the soccer balls, and the one where she throws down the supercharger

  5. I miss getting 3+ enviro kills with her halt before it got nerfed, but I also look forward to getting enviro kills with the javelin so it balances out.

  6. No, don’t lie, nobody likes to play that character, I can only stand playing her once a session for how boring she is

  7. I’m gonna miss Halt cos it was such good revenge against a Lucio boop or a Hog hook coupled with Fortify.

  8. i have no idea why they reworked her ult, i havent seen someone use it properly yet. anyways what was so bad about a damage boosting drum?

  9. I’m sorry for anyone who is sad about the change but orisa looks more fun to me this way

  10. BrokeArmHeadass

    I think you’re the first (and probably will be the last) person to ever say that.

  11. me too, everyone else seems to really like the look of the new loadout except me, if they screw with Hammond too much im likely to end up a support main

  12. I like the change more lore wise because if Orisa is made to counter Doomfist (after he fucking rolled and smoked those OR14-A bots in Numbani spawn), the change feels like a direct way to cancel his movement (because what the hell was a shield gonna do against a rocket punch)

  13. As much as I think the new change is definitely for the better, I will miss the line “CEASE YOUR RESISTANCE”

  14. I will miss her Halt. The new Javelin doesn’t do anything special, just a ranged attack with slight CC. They could’ve made Halt slows targets with tethers attached to them instead of grouping them as it currently does.

  15. Who the hell is gonna miss old Orisa, no hate to orisa player but damn that hero is sleeper

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