38 thoughts on “Got access 10 mins after claiming the drop. Dont panic!”

  1. bro twitch said it was connected to my battlenet but when I checked the battlenet website it showed it wasnt connected. I connected it now will I still get it?

    EDIT: I got it

  2. 15 min


    Edit: 23 still nothing

    Edit 2: 30 and nothing, glad i stayed up until 2 am for this crap. Small indie company

    Edit 4: 40 and no access. Going to bed. Screw this

  3. Tobi_Is_Tenten

    Do you need to do anything special after completing the 4 hours of watchtime? Do you need to manually enter a code to the Battlenet launcher?

  4. on twitch account’s connected, on battlenet it wasn’t. i connected and it’s been 32 minutes, nothing’s up :/

    EDIT: over an hour still nothing

    EDIT2: after 1.5 hours it appeared. Good luck to you all.

  5. “we didnt expect everyone and their mother to try to log in at the same time” blizzard post incoming LOL

  6. I claimed but realized my battle net was my old gamer tag (same email, just changed the name). I disconnected and connected with the revised gamer tag. Hope it comes…been 20 mins.

    Edit: been an hour. I think we’re SOL
    Edit 2: Got it!

  7. 1 hour since claimed and still nothing. I have battle net and twitch connected on both sites.

    Edit: The loot boxes showed up instantly in game though.

  8. It took almost an hour for me to get access to the Beta. Also, I was worried because after I claimed the drop and didn’t get it, I double-checked my connections and realized my Twitch connections has the name of my old Blizzard account name before I changed it. I left it as is because on the Blizzard website it says I am connected to Twitch, and I recently claimed the free Twitch Prime loot boxes for Overwatch today with no issue (I got those immediately). So don’t panic if you realize your account is connected with an old version of your username, it should still work. It worked fine for me

  9. For anyone waiting for an email like I was. Don’t. Check battlenets game version tab. Apparently it just shows up there, no email or anything.

  10. hour and 15 with nothing. All my friends who I told how to get the drop and everything already have it and are in beta. Come on lemme in! lol

  11. I have been waiting for over an hour, still nothing. I try to not act entitled with almost everything. But this is getting so irritating

  12. My issue was that I had the stream open for 3 hours, but only got 15% progress on the drop. Now I’m at less than 25% with less than 3 hours remaining.

    The truest feeling of anguish.

  13. AugustOfMidnight

    Over 2 hours and nothing. Restarted client like 15 times. Logged out and back in, changed region, restarted computer twice, deleted cache, etc. Friend claimed after I did and got it in 20 minutes. This is ridiculous.

  14. been 2.5 hours, nothing so far :/
    Also: Been connected on Twitch to Battlenet, even before getting the OW2 Beta. Just nothing so far.

  15. Claimed my drop at 5pm EST…

    it’s 8pm now and I still cannot download OW2. I am linked on Twitch & through BNet.

    how amazing!

  16. 3 Hour Gang checking in

    Edit: 7 Hours STRONG. Still no access on my account :L

    Edit: 9 Hours, Finally got access.

  17. ComeAtMeBro180

    going on my 5th hour of no drop yet

    Checked all accounts to see if they are linked

    Closed launcher and re-opened countless times


  18. I’ve waited 5 hours. Claimed twitch drop asap. Twitch and bnet connected long before this event 🙁

    Still no beta

  19. Still havent gotten it after 8 hours lol feelsbad man i got the key at 5pm now its 1am and still nothing. Ive check everything

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