Guesses about if/when new heroes will be added to the Beta?

Sojourn is being packaged with the closed Beta, she’s ready to go.

When would you guess they will introduce the next hero? Will it be the next phase of the Beta (inviting more people in)? When they go from Closed to Open Beta? When the game officially launches (so no new heroes in the beta)?

OW2 will release with multiple new heroes–they’ve said that at every step of the game’s development. I’m assuming then that they are going to want to beta-test the new heroes to better tune them before launch. Plus releasing new heroes is one of the biggest ways to spike attention and excitement.

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3 thoughts on “Guesses about if/when new heroes will be added to the Beta?”

  1. I believe Dva, Mei and Genji were added not long after the original open beta started back in 2015. That being said, this is a closed beta so it may not get the same sorts of updates, especially since we don’t know how it’s gonna work going forward and there being multiple betas.

    For the next heroes themselves, I’m guessing that we’re likely to be seeing Mauga, Junker Queen and the ever mysterious Kanezaka Fox girl

  2. Hard to guess until we know exactly how many betas they plan on doing, will there be multiple closed betas or will they go straight to open? Personally I’m expecting 2 closed betas, after the second closed beta they will announce one or two more new heroes, then they’ll do an open beta to test the announced hero(es) then they will slowly release more information for a month or so until the release of the game

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