12 thoughts on “Hard Carried By My 7 Year-old Daughter”

  1. She may be hard carrying you, but you’re still doing everything right. I got insanely jealous over how well this shows your father-daughter relationship. Keep up the excellent parenting!

    (Also the next gen of kids is going to be so cracked… it took me an entire year to learn to edit as well as your daughter can)

  2. It’s crazy how much better the new batch (7-10yos) are instantly. My son started mostly 2 years ago at beginning of pandemic and just floors me with his skills. Esports are going to be insane over the next 10 years, good times.

  3. Awesome moves…..Gaming with my 6 and 8 year olds is one of my favorite things. Cool bonding and discussions

    Keep up the awesome parenting and raising the next gen of gamers

  4. My 8 yr old daughter is pretty good when she focuses on a task. “Ooh boogie bomb looks so pretty” No, shoot! Get behind cover! We’re going to die! She then proceeds to kill all attackers and go get the boogie bomb.

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