Hear me out! A peacefull expension

Would you guyz n galz pay a full expension price for an expension that only has/focuses on.

Full fledged player houseing – exectly like you want it to be, costumization plant farms grow cows(clear rodents from the crops?)

Furniture and farming and woodcutting peofessions?

New Hawaii zone? Horde and alliance going to a vecation? Valley ball minigame? Special fishing for some camp fire shinanigens?

Mount racing? Maybe even water mounts?

Those are just from the top of my head but you get the idea,

World of Warcraft – House away from House (expension name)

Ideas? Thoughts? Good bad?

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10 thoughts on “Hear me out! A peacefull expension”

  1. BoringUwuzumaki

    Sounds like an incredible marketing move by blizz to completely shift the marketed crowd from PvE/PvP RPG lovers to animal crossing fans

  2. I mean compared to the last like 4 expansions, us signing up to explore the dragon isles with the explorers league/reliquary practically is a vacation.

  3. Absolutely not, blizzard is a huge company and if they really want to implement those types of systems they can hire more people.

  4. NigelMcExplosion

    I would most certainly not pay for that. I don´t really understand why ppl are so hyped about playerhouing and want it so badly, BUT that doesnt mean I hope we never get it.

    Quite honestly, I´d be hyped for those people, if it ever comes to pass. It would make me happy, to see those players finally getting the thing they wanted for so long. It just isnt for me. I just want my class to feel very good and blast some m+ dungeons

  5. I could see that, an expansion focused on rebuilding, telling small scale stories. I would add in Bard class, i think that would be perfect opportunity. Have old world revamped with housing spots, maybe expanded towns with more buildings, having some motivation to spend time in outdoor world, gathering in various towns. Maybe there could be realm-wide efforts on rebuilding some destroyed towns, where the biggest contributors would be rewarded with something special.. Yeah i am getting ahead of myself, but i am also tired of grand scale cosmic threats, how the next villain conveniently appears shortly after we destroy the previous one.

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