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So like I’ve been playing for a bit and been trying a bunch of stuff like tank healer and dps and I just can’t find something that’s really fun to me I mean I really enjoy shaman I think like lore wise cool dudes but like I hear all this stuff saying they have the worst dps and party’s don’t want one due to lack of that then I try tank and honestly it’s really boring and then healer just isn’t fun like I have tried basically all but paladin and monk as a class


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  1. I haven’t played in a while but last time I checked Elemental Shaman was very good DPS wise. Just takes a bit to get going and a lot of your staple spells and passives are unlocked later on. It’s one of those classes that I find takes a bit of time to get going but once you’ve got everything set up it’s as smooth as butter. Enhancement is one of the more fun tanking specs as well. I’d give them a go. My only problem with Shaman is the lack of really good transmog options 🙁

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