43 thoughts on “Here is the effect 5,000 gold has on the vote (sorry for low res)”

  1. Xx_Rick_Rolled_xX

    I like how both times the boogie bomb was in the vote, multiple people want it, but both time is lost by a landslide.

  2. The amount of people who don’t know how extreme of an advantage having a Rift is during final circles, thinking it’s purpose is to escape lost fights, is deeply astounding.

  3. Rift to go. Boogie crap is worthless. I voted for rift obviously as they have a purpose and doesn’t involve dancing

  4. kylelovershrek2

    dude the people that are voting for the “effectiveness” of the two of these items is just ridiculous. the fortnite community truly doesn’t know how to have fun. why can’t more people realise that you should be voting for which item is the funniest, which is the boogie bomb? smh my head…

  5. Boogies are for people that can’t hit an opponent unless they can’t shoot back. Yay for Rift!

  6. Mountain-Professor74

    I don’t like the boogie bomb because it seems like not only AOF is not as wide as the original but when you get shot it snaps you out of the animation making it essentially worthless in combat. I’ve been killed more times trying to use it than actually getting it off on an opponent because it never seems to hit them.

  7. No_Progress9069

    I wish the reward worked like the broken vending machines. Let me get a chicken or a green pistol or the dub

  8. I dropped 5k on the rift then used the minis I got from it to spell out “rift” for other players to see later in the match. I wonder how many other players did that with their choice

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