45 thoughts on “Here’s my fix for Dracthyr Models! Woo-hoo!”

  1. When I said I wanted druids to get a duck form I imagined it as an actual duck, but now I want this.

  2. Why do you show us things we can never have?

    Why give us a taste of heaven only to have reality rip it away?

    But seriously, nice work. I’d 100% play one of these glorious guys.

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  4. Huh… I know it’s a meme (and a some high quality work at that)but this got me wondering.

    Is there a type of Gryphon falcon race out there? I know we have 2 versions of arakoa but this kind of model would be something people would kill for.

  5. Shut up and take my money!

    I’m late to the duck hype train, but I’ll say this: That thing actually has a wingspan that might keep it aloft for a few seconds. Memes and jokes aside, game designers could take note. I know it’s a fantasy game, but if the wings are being used like real wings, they have to act like real wings and make sense like real wings. The square-cube law is a harsh mistress, and as it stands, the dracthyr are flightless.

  6. I like how it actually has some wingspan to it. The new race bothers me a little with their piddly wings.

  7. Unironically looks better than the Dracthyr, though to be fair that probably says more about me than the race.

  8. What model did you use as the base? Thought somehow you had an actual Drac’thyr model to work with until I realized the wings are probably Kyrian.

    IMO I’d rather have this than the dragons.

  9. According to recent fossil finds scientists now believe that th Dracthyr were actually feathered. Mind you these weren’t fully developed modern feathers but more like a fuzz called Proto feathers. These fossil finds have been changing how we think about the Dracthyr. See archeology isn’t a dead profession in game.

  10. LifesCombatDummy

    This is sick! I’d totally play one of these. Is there a swan option? Who doesn’t want to play vicious, but beautiful hatebirds?

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