20 thoughts on “Hidden conversation between Paradigm and Imagined”

  1. Big_Dream_Lamp

    Coral Castle isn’t bad. Tons of loot, lots of each material, and not that many people! Plus there’s boats to get out! Pleasant Park sucked. Almost no loot and too many people.

  2. Great Joke and all, but am I the only person who unironically liked Coral Castle? It had plenty of loot, plenty of mats and had a really chill vibe, was it a pain in the arse to rotate out of sure, but I still really liked it. Imo it is just overhated, I personally prefer it to POIs like Junk Junktion or OG Loot Lake (that was horrible).

  3. vinsmokewhoswho

    The location itself was cool. Had a nice vibe to it. Plenty of loot and materials. Just not a good placement on the map. I’ll never get the hate for it tbh.

  4. ToyfatbearGamer87

    The only reason why I would land Coral Castle was the Burst quad launcher, burst pulse and challenges

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