17 thoughts on “Holy headshots. Not the most impressive, I know, but dang.”

  1. Good shoots. I’m just annoyed by the start and you needing shield and telling that keg to fuck off down the river without using it.

  2. Extension-Present-91

    Omg your sniper aim is impeccable i could never ESPECIALLY IN A BATTLE ROYALE If i had a squad i would def want you on my team (I couldn’t snipe an afk person 🥲)

  3. Don’t listen to all the haters dude the fact you even use snipers in the current meta is based in itself

  4. Honestly kinda drippy combo you got there, if the fletches were white or black that’d be a solid 10/10

  5. >ezio with arrow

    dang bro. you remind me how much i want ezio to get his brotherhood style

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